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Code of Ethics | Randinstrument

Code of Ethics

Our customer focus has always been to do ethical business and therefore ensure that we consistently act to a set of moral values. These are based on principles rather than detailed rules.

No person or document can tell you what is right or wrong in today’s complex business situation. A complete rules-based code of ethic removes all individual discretion and results in mechanistic decision making, where wisdom and proper counselling would have been more effective and appropriate.

We, therefore, trust our employees to apply the following fundamental ethical principles being responsibility, honesty, fairness and respect and the ethical standards of the code in the way that results in a proper business conduct.

This document acts as a guide to the implementation of Rand Instruments Africa’s code of ethics and is intended to assist employees to make ethical decisions by exposing them to the thinking behind ethical principles and the standards of the code.

It is important to do what is right. You should always ask yourself:

  • Is this matter legal and did I checked with the company expert for verification if I am not sure?
  • Will this matter be in conflict with the company core values such as integrity, safety, teamwork, continual improvement and excellence
  • Am I involving the right people?
  • Would my decision be fair if I choose to act on this matter?
  • How would I feel if this choice necessitates that I have to explain my decision in court?

The success of Rand Instruments Africa depends on our reputation, performance and how we treat others. We have to adhere and live up to the standards which are established in order to be successful in how we do business. The code show Rand Instruments Africa’s commitment to conducting our business where ever we operate and that we adhere to the legal requirements of the area or country in which we work.




We hold ourselves responsible and accountable to apply Rand Instruments Africa’s resources to maximise sustainable returns to our shareholders. We are committed to Rand Instruments Africa’s business with due regard to the interest of our shareholders, the environment and social responsibilities. We comply with all applicable legal requirements as a minimum standard. We are committed to effective corporate governance. We have implemented controls to ensure that disclosures in respect of Rand Instruments Africa’s business are not misleading and made timely. We respect and honour agreements entered into by Rand Instruments Africa.



We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves in similar circumstances. We base business decisions on policy strategy facts and not on irrelevant factors.



We reject all forms of dishonesty and do not tolerate dishonest acts such as corruption, bribery, fraud and misrepresentation. We avoid and report conflicts of interest with the company’s interest. We apply company assets and other resources for the purpose of business and do not use assets or resources for our personal benefit. We do not abuse our positions within the company to obtain personal benefits.



We respect and acknowledge human rights and dignity. We treat out shareholders with respect. We do not employ children in the workplace. We do not discriminate by race, religion, marital status, pregnancy, age, national origin, gender or sexual orientation.



Safety as all staff know is not negotiable and our highest priority. Rand Instruments Africa believe that providing a safe and secure environment and maintaining an Integrated Management System with good third party auditing records gives us a competitive advantage, allowing us to attract the best applicants, retaining our valuable workforce and winning and retaining customers. Rand Instruments Africa must comply with legislation with regards to environmental issues. All staff shall adhere to the procedures to prevent damaging the environment.

All staff is aware of our quality slogan. “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”. By maintaining the highest quality standards, we are currently leaders in our field. We must strive to perfection to ensure that we keep our existing customer base and continuously win new customers. We must be innovative to create a sustainable business.



No staff member will be allowed to enter the site while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. No narcotic drugs or alcohol shall be taken into any of our work sites. A person violating this rule will be subject to disciplinary action as described by the law.



We shall not compromise or appear to compromise our ability to make objective “arm’s length” business decisions. If people believe that a business decision was made because of a gift or business courtesies and not purely by merit and sound business judgement, our reputation will be harmed. Business gifts and promotional items shall always be of nominal value. All entertainment events shall be occasional and must be reasonable and not excessive. All gifts received from our suppliers shall be declared to management and management reserves the right to tell you not to accept such gifts if it is considered to be excessive.