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Company Structure | Randinstrument

Company Structure


Within the Rand Group (Pty) Ltd are the following specialised businesses:


Rand Instruments Africa (Pty) Ltd

Our Process Instrumentation division offers a full electrical, instrumentation and control system consultation service, backed by the diverse technical expertise of our team in this specialised market sector. We are leaders in the field of hazardous areas and explosion protection an allows us to design and build custom analyser and process control systems to meet your requirements.


Rand Skills Enhancement Centre (Pty) Ltd

As part of our commitment and investment in South African skills, the Rand Skills Enhancement Centre provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in engineering trades through a winning program that delivers nationally recognised competencies including merSETA accreditation for electricians, welders, instrumentation tube fitting and analyser technicians.


Rand Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

With a quarter of a century experience in manufacturing industrial control panels and custom control system components, our in-house manufacturing team brings leading technologies together with innovative design, intelligent electrical engineering and rigorous systems testing to deliver consistently high quality automation and integration solutions. In house manufacturing means that we control the entire project’s quality against SANAS.


Rand Digital (Pty) Ltd

To be or to IoT – The Rand Digital division applies an ‘open innovation’ approach to building digital products and services engaging strong participation in our ecosystems of technologies, communities and practices that sustain the long-term success of our customers’ products, processes and technologies.