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Gas Inspection Station

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Engineering Solutions

We provide performance-driven engineering solutions to various industries.

Technical Automation

Precision in integrating advanced technologies for seamless automation processes.

Instrument Tubing

Attention to detail in creating reliable and efficient instrument connections.

Hazardous Area Installation

Rigorous safety measures for installations in challenging environments.

Gas Inspection Station (GIS)

Pressure Vessel Inspection

GIS is a SANAS certified pressure vessel testing and certification facility (AIA) in accordance to the SANS 1825, 10119 and 6406 Standards .  Having your pressure vessel tested and certified by GIS will ensure that your pressure vessel has been put through the rigorous testing, checks and cleaning required by the SANS standard to come out at the end looking and functioning like a brand new pressure vessel. 

Key Components Of GIS: Gas Inspection Station

Professional Pressure Testing

Rand Instruments Africa specializes in GIS with a solid track record in pressure testing and verification. GIS’s highly trained and certified staff showcase their expertise through a portfolio of projects ensuring the highest level of care and commitment not only to customer service and quality but to the environment and safety.

Our comprehensive E&I Project Services cover a wide spectrum of industries, ensuring reliable and efficient project execution with each and every project.

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We provide performance-driven engineering solutions to industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Metals, Mining, FMCG, Energy, and Renewable Energy. Our services span conceptual FEED studies, detailed design, installation, construction, commissioning, testing, documentation, and supporting activities. We have a solution to every query you might have.

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With Rand Instruments Africa, experience the assurance of end-to-end E&I Project Services that guarantee the successful installation, testing, and commissioning of electrical and instrumentation equipment. Our expertise spans across diverse industries, ensuring precision, reliability, and efficiency in every project. Partner with us for a transformative journey in project execution, backed by proven industry experience and a commitment to excellence.

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