Process analysers are used to repeatedly and accurately measure chemical and physical properties of gas and liquid streams allowing process optimization, regulatory compliance and asset regulation.

We offer a comprehensive range of sensors and on-line sensors covering liquid and gas density, process gas chromatography, dissolved and combustion oxygen in the most demanding environments.

Our in house manufactured systems covers a variety of custom and standard analyser, instrumentation enclosures, HVAC as well as distribution board which allows us to control all aspects of design and fabrication of shelters and systems with a superior finish.

We provide a number of in house manufactured sampling system components that we have developed based on environmental and application specific conditions. These components are manufactured following our rigorous internal quality management principles and have been successfully commissioned in large scale analyser applications.

In an integrated approach to business optimisation or customer experience management, IoT sensors dispersed throughout your critical areas of operations, coupled with task management, provides unprecedented visibility and traceability into that which matters most to you.

Data from IoT sensors is continually collected and analysed to ensure measurements such as temperature, vibration or occupancy do not exceed pre-defined limits. These limits are based upon your plant or asset specific guidelines. The collected data is then subsequently stored electronically for insight analyses or even regulatory purposes.