Analyser Houses


Rand Series 2007 Analyser Shelters suitable for Zone 1, Zone 2 or General Purpose applications

Rand Instruments Africa (Pty) Ltd is manufacturers of Sandwich Panel construction Analyser shelters for various applications in all industries. Our standard shelters are 2.6 metres wide, and the lengths vary from 2.6 metres to up to 9 metres. Longer shelters can be manufactured but will have to be transported in two halves for logistical reasons. Shelters having a width of larger than 2.6 metres are manufactured. However, it is considered as abnormal load by the South African transport authorities and has a cost impact because of this.

Features and benefits of the Sandwich Panel Construction Shelters

  • This type of shelter has no frame as were the case with a traditional frame and panel type shelters resulting that it is much less in weight.
  • The insulation used is Polyurethane and Polystyrene, both which are a much better insulation material than traditional high-density fibre wool.
  • All panels are fixed together with motor car grade UV resistant glue which not only reduces manufacturing costs but assists in weight reduction.
  • Unlike panel and frame type shelter these shelters are manufactured faster thus bringing lead times forward.


Sandwich panel construction shelters can be manufactured in Chromadek plus, 3CR12 powder coated, Zinc-alume, as well as 304 and 316 stainless steel. Sheet thickness varies between 0.6 and 1 mm. The base of these shelters is manufactured from 3mm U-channel stainless steel. The flooring can be made from 4 to 6.5 mm mild steel chequer plate which is sandblasted primed and painted with epoxy paint. Other types of flooring available are Aluminium 3 mm chequer plate as well as Marley Tiles and Vinyl flooring.

A tropical roof and outside equipment protection wire cage is a standard for South African end users. However, we also manufacture sun shades as required by users such as the Middle East.