Cubicles & Canopies


Rand Series 2014 Field Instrumentation and Analyser Cubicles

Rand Instruments Africa (Pty) Ltd is committed to the design and manufacturing of instrumentation/analyser cubicles enclosures for use in Zone 2 and general purpose area classification.

The various types of cubicles are custom designed and built for purpose to customer requirements and project-specific duty requirements. As we are a mark holder of the “MTex” certification authority, we are able to certify all cubicles in-house.

Construction of Cubicles

The Zone 2 cubicle has a degree of protection in accordance with IEC 60079-2 © IEC: 2007 Table 2.

Cubicles are manufactured from mild steel powder coated, 3CR12 powder coated, 304 Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel.

The Zone 2 cubicles are built to withstand a pressure equal to 1.5 times the maximum overpressure specified for normal service with all outlets closed with a minimum of 200 Pa.
If a pressure can occur in service that can cause a deformation of the enclosure a safety device is fitted to limit the maximum internal overpressure to a level below that which could adversely affect the type of protection. If it is not provided with a safety device, the equipment shall be marked “X” in accordance with clause 29.2 (i) of IEC 60079-0 and the description documents shall contain all necessary information required by the user to ensure conformity with the requirements of this standard.