RAND Manufacturing

The Rand TF Series filter was designed for sample conditioning systems and is used for various other applications such as instrument air filtering, process sample filtering in the petroleum, steel, paper and chemical industries.

It is manufactured from stainless steel and is normally used to protect equipment such as regulators and pumps which are installed immediately downstream of it.

The Rand TF series filter has been tested to pressures up to 25 mPa at 28 Deg. C. It has an “O” ring seal manufactured from Nitrile NBR 70 as standard. Other “O” ring materials are available on request.

Temperature Specifications
Nitrile 121 Deg. C maximum
Viton 204 Deg. C maximum
Kelrez 327 Deg. C maximum

Filter housing Temperature/ pressure rating

600 Deg. C at 380 Mpa

The Rand TF series filters are available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ port sizes, and are available with synthetic, paper and wire mesh filter elements. The paper element micron sizes vary from 0.1 up to 20 microns and are suitable for use in almost any application. The mesh element is manufactured from 316 SS and can be supplied in sizes up to 200 microns.

The filter is available with an optional mounting bracket which is user specified for either liquid or gas applications.

The TF series filter can be obtained as a three port for sample system fast loop applications or as a two port for use in general applications

Other types of filters are available on request