Sample Probes

RAND Manufacturing

Either in environmental related gas analysis like stack testing, continuous emission monitoring (CEM), warning indication and in process applications like combustion efficiency monitoring, boiler trim, ethylene plants or petrochemistry, sample gas needs to be extracted from the gas stream.

It is obvious that for a careful analysis the sample gas must be extracted free of ambient gas leaking into the system and at the same time the dew point of the sample must remain stable. Probes can also be used to ensure that a reliable sample is taken in the pipe or etc.
This explains why the sample gas probe is the important interface between the process and the analyser system.

Quality, reliability and low operation cost have been the main targets for the development of this programme. The results are outstanding: the modular design allows application specific combinations in a very price effective manner.

Different type of filter material is available if taking a probe with a filter option, depending on the application. The probes can also be heated. The probes come with a blowback option for the cleaning of the probe and also have the option for the extra calibration ports.

A wide variety is available on request.

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