Engineering Consultants

Rand Instruments Africa provides engineering expertise in instrumentation, building automation, chillers, and process control systems. Our team of experts can design and oversee the implementation of a turnkey solution for your projects, from conceptual design to completion, for any size of analyser systems’ projects. We are dedicated to providing flexible solutions to fit your particular needs.

We offer a full electrical, instrumentation and control system consultation service, backed by the diverse technical expertise of our team in this specialised market sector. We are leaders in the field of hazardous areas and explosion protection and have significant capability in power systems and energy management, including renewables projects.

We do everything from hazardous area classification, to electrical and instrumentation design, inspections and compliance reporting for existing installations, verification data book compilation, and installation audits prior to commissioning.

We pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach to hazardous areas compliance and strive to achieve results that minimise the compliance burden to our customers.


System Integration

Our systems integration process allows us to design and build custom anaylser and process control systems to meet your requirements. With the consistent use of international, open communication standards, the integration of automation components can be more easily implemented using components from a wide range of vendors compared with systems of the past. Systems can also be a hybrid of new process measurement technologies with existing equipment, further extending the life of older equipment.

Other benefits include:

  • Create and provide more intuitive operation of equipment via custom designs for the human-machine interface
  • Reduce labor costs with more efficient technology requiring a lower skill level to operate
  • Increase reliability of existing equipment with the integration of new controls
  • Complete system monitoring means reduced equipment downtime
  • Improve quality and productivity through the use of advanced monitoring