Youth Programme

Since 2017 the Rand Group have held a dedicated school holiday, Youth Programme where secondary school learners are hosted from several schools within the greater Springs area. The youth program strives to introduce a wide selection of trades to the attending Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners, to provide them with the insightful experience and actuality of building a vocation in a workshop environment, working in teams and according to industry standards.

A highlight of the 5-day programme is where scholars are able to put their skills learnt into practice and exercise their problem-solving and creativity by designing and creating their own art or functional project. The Rand Group gives all attendees access to working with a combination of the latest welding, electrical, tube fitting and analyser technology to get the youth to understand how it functions! The structure of the programme and contents taught makes it easier for learners to grasp the technical aspects and creates excitement for them in selecting the future vocational field they would like to study further and develop valuable expertise in.

The Rand Group also welcomes the support from other corporates who are interested in sponsoring the youth programme initiative, to educate and assist in the learners’ growth and future planning.

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